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Remembered Amendment

Torture, Disappearances, Extrajudicial killings and grave violations of human rights have reported through out the country. Before the Rajapakse regime there were remedies although not 100% successful. There were the independent commissions created be the 17th amendment to the constitution. Now there are created by the

This was a clear violation of the country’s highest and supreme law. President ignored the constitution and appointed to the independent commissions like human rights commission, and police commission. This is shameful. The appointments to the all these commissions are unlawful and unconstitutional.

The genuine purpose of these independent commissions is bring justice to the people. Now the basement of these commissions is injustice and illegality. How can the national human rights commission appear for protect and promote human rights? There will be a possibility that the perpetrators question the validity of these commissions.

There are reports the police officers who committed torture didn’t respect for the dicesions of the human rights commission. There were incidents the IGP interfere to the work of the national police commission. No IGP is above the law. This must be remembered by every Sri Lankan.

Academics, lawyers, bussinessmen, NGO’s talk about Human Rights and Rule of Law. These national commissions headed by illegal appointees are a violation of Human Rights and Rule Of Law. So it is time although too late raise a voice to implement the 17th amendment. This voice must be a people’s voice. It should not limited to superior acedamics, NGO’s and few proffessionals. The small people can make injustice and dictators history.

Harshi Chitrangi Perera
(Law Student)