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Dear Mihin Uncle…

Dear Mihin Uncle,

Mihin air, Mihin cost of living, Mihin law, Mihin entourage and Mihin war are making people’s life miserable.

The 25 year old war is an earning for few people who attach to my uncles regime. War may create wounds in the minds of civilians specially Tamils. Before my uncle became the leader neither support nor against the any issue regarding the ethnic conflict. I feel this is a tactic.

Now the cat is out of the sack. People of North East are suffering. People of South getting familiar with barralism this was first reappeared in 1988 and 1989 period. The barralism symbolizes the rising of abductions, extrajudicial killings disappearances and torture in almost all parts of the country.

The cost of living is unbearable. The poor turn into poorer. Unfortunately some sons related to my uncles elite flying in the city by 45 million worth night rider cars. They Sunday Times on September 9 2007 headline was “glitz and blitz at New York Ritz for huge Lankan delegation. I still remembered my uncle’s entourage to China several months ago. This time will be participating to UN General assembly.

The delegation will be comprise of 65 members. The New York Ritz Carton hotel has been booked for the delegation. Each suite booked at priced US$ 2500(RS 275000)per night. UN’s attitude towards my uncles ruling will be change to unimaginable worse. I hope UNs attitude towards his countrymen will not change.For how long? The silent of people says that they agrred to all misdeeds of their ruler.

Mihin uncle’s law enforcement authority is unsuccessful. Crime is increasing. Delgoda massacre, killing of Panadura Pinwatte youths and the rape and murder of AL student at Passara Maha Vidyalaya were some which annoyed the public. The latest incident is minister’s son took law into his own hands and brutally assaulted one person. All these incidents symbolizes the collapse of Rule of Law and unrespectable to Human Rights.

How nice going to New York by Mihin air. But the huge expenditure will be cover up from people’s pockets. It will also be peculiar to boast about country’s human rights situation at the UN general assembly. My uncles voters are calm and quite. But they new the executive president of this pearl of the Indian ocean is not an owner but a guardian. The utmost duty of a guardian is to protect the life and property of his countrymen.

Every Sinhala Buddhist knew what Arahath Mahinda says to king Devanampiyatissa at Mihintale.

Thank you,

Yours sincerely,
Sinhala Buddhist daughter.

(By Harshi Chitrangi)